Route Switch

While today’s networking landscape is changing fast, one thing remains true: whether your IP network needs to be robust and performance-oriented enough to support new network virtualization overlay technologies or you simply need a bomb-proof branch office access or campus network, core IP technology expertise in the route/switch practice area is essential to success.

GCSIT maintains a team of seasoned, experienced and expertly trained IT experts focused on IP networking infrastructure. We are protocols and standards oriented and focused on best practice, operational excellence, and the achievement of engineered high performance.

The most capable experts in the emerging age of Software Defined Everything will be those who achieved expert level design and architecture route/switch capability in the real world before setting foot in the virtual one.

GCSIT can help with your Route Switch needs:

  • Core IP aware: dynamic L3 protocols, quality of service, layered security, carrier services networking
  • Core scale technology experience: true enterprise & carrier-scale platforms capability across multiple major vendor partner portfolios
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols literacy: V/MPLS, emerging MEF 2.0 carrier Ethernet standards, legacy SONET, SDH/ISDN capability
  • Enterprise hybrid private/public cloud architectures awareness
  • Specialized route/switch skill and experience in campus/branch architectures
  • Capable in SCADA, IoT & control systems networking, industrial protocols implementation
  • Copper, campus/metro fiber and outdoor RF backhaul reference work available