Network Virtualization

Virtualization is a core consideration in next generation networks. Whether the software defined network focus is datacenter, WAN or access layer…

New innovation is emerging daily, transforming and disrupting traditional network operations models. 

The dynamic nature of this new and consistently changing area within contemporary networking landscapes undergoes shift and dislocation on an ongoing basis, with no end in sight for merger/acquisition activity for the forseeable future…but certain trends are obvious and there is a growing body of practice knowledge, capability and skillset in this area growing more fundamental to next-gen network deployments.

GCSIT and its vendor partners enable IT organizations to modernize data centers, WANs and access fabrics that deliver IT infrastructure and application services with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth while optimizing total cost of ownership.

GCSIT can help with your Network Virtulization needs:

  • VMWare NSX overlay design and deployment services
  • SDN datacenter, SD-WAN and SD-Access architecture awareness and capability
  • Cisco Digital Network Architecture overlay design and deployment services
  • Hybrid private/public cloud network virtualization capabilities & architectures awareness
  • NFV chaining, design and architecture capabilities