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WINNER: Global Enterprise Solution Provider VMware Partner Innovation Award 
WINNER: Americas Enterprise Solution Provider VMware Partner Innovation Award 
We are honored to announce that GCSIT received both Global and Americas Enterprise Solution Provider VMware Partner Innovation Awards at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2016.

These awards call out GCSIT’s leadership and ongoing success  in delivering solid business results to our customers through vSphere, NSX, Virtual SAN and Desktop Virtualization.

2016 gcsit vmware award jason langer andrew helgeson

"I am pleased to recognize a select group of partners who have received a Global VMware Partner Innovation Award. These honorees have distinguished themselves through demonstrated excellence and achievements in 2015,” said Ross Brown, senior vice president, Worldwide Partners and Alliances, VMware. “VMware congratulates GCSIT on winning Global and Americas VMware Partner Innovation Awards, and we look forward to our continued collaboration in 2016."

While it’s always good to be recognized for hard work, we know we couldn’t have done this without the support of technology partner VMware and, most importantly, GCSIT’s strong and productive customer relationships.

GCSIT helps customers align to their business and drive predictable and measurable success in virtualization — from innovations in the way datacenters run more efficiently and with reduced energy and operation costs,  to enabling organizations to build reliable security and disaster recovery, to enabling businesses to change the way in which they deliver on the promise of the any-time any-place any-device mobility. The market is changing fast and our customers expect GCSIT and our team of trained consultants and engineers to help them take advantage of the opportunities to evolve, grow and increase their competitiveness.