GCSIT Practices Areas are categories of IT solutions that deliver the greatest business value and IT impact for our customers. GCSIT brings deep expertise, referenceable success, and powerful technical partner relationships to each practice area.


Software Defined Data Center

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) delivers scalability, flexibility and agility to help IT increase efficiency, create value within the organization and move from a cost burden to business enabler and strategic partner. Core IT resources; Compute, Networking, and Storage, will be provisioned, operated and managed through application programming interfaces (API's) easing the burden on your IT staff.



GCSIT Networking Practice includes design, implementation, operation and security of communications pathways among and between interconnected IT assets. This includes the sub-specialty practice area of network operations and management.


End User Computing

GCSIT helps you assess, identify and define components, policies, practices, & tools that align the digital working environment with your organization's priorities, goals, & objectives, including:

  • Managing end-user computing costs
  • Device management
  • Information security management
  • Design, deployment, provisioning, and migration
  • Thick to Thin Transformation
  • Ongoing support and workspace development: Because nothing ever stays the same.
  • End-user training and support
  • Application management
  • Integration of line-of-business applications: Because business systems and digital workspaces don’t exist in isolation.
  • End User Helpdesk Support


Data Protection & Business Resiliency

GCSIT engineers work with you to find the best solutions for secure and reliable backup and recovery with no increase to IT workload - an optimal balance between recovery costs, time, capabilities, and complexity.



GCSIT certified engineers and technicians work with you to assess and analyze needs, and deliver the appropriate cloud strategy, implementation and support for your organization, including:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy Validation
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Management & Optimization
  • Cloud Security & Compliance



In addition to the basics of Firewalls, VPN, IPS, Anti-Malware, Content Filtering, and Spam Protection solutions, we provide many cybersecurity solutions, including:

  • Cloud security
  • Identity Management solutions
  • Cyber security risk assessment services.
  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Installation and Health Checks.
  • Cyber security vulnerability assessment services
  • Cross platform integrations and migrations
  • Audit trail capabilities and forensic response capabilities.


Focused Microsoft (O365 and Active Directory)

Aligned with your business, GCSIT Microsoft Practice addresses core services critical to the effective day-to-day functioning and success of your organization. GCSIT targets Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory and O365


GCSIT Enterprise Managed Support (GEMS)

GEMS provides support and enablement so your IT team can focus on providing greater value to the organization.  GEMS provides Tier 1, 2, and 3 support delivered by a team of certified engineers who are experts in the hardware and software being supported. Our Stewardship Process ensures we meet regularly to discuss what is working and how we can make it work better.


Professional Services

GCSIT Professional Services provide assessment, planning, project management, implementation, remediation and ongoing operational management and support.


Program & Project Management

Based upon the size and complexity of the project, our certified personnel apply proven methodology, selecting the most productive management processes and communications models. We work to allocate exactly the right amount of project management to each category of project to ensure project success while optimizing customer costs. For each project, regardless of its simplicity or complexity, our PM’s work to ensure the highest possible levels of project quality and customer satisfaction.