If you're not moving forward with more agile and rapid delivery of services, you're falling behind. IT automation is driven by rapidly growing change, constantly evolving customer needs and expectations, and the need for businesses to remain competitive to retain and add customers  

Automation moves beyond compute virtualization to embrace virtualized storage, networking, and the entire IT ecosystem, helping you evolve static infrastructure to a software-defined data center (SDDC). With a virtualized, software-defined environment, you can fully automate the delivery and ongoing management of networking, security, infrastructure, and application components. The benefits are immediate and vast, but two IT services stand to benefit the greatest: networking and security.

This whitepaper explains how you can use VMware vRealize and VMware NSX to build a multi-tier application architecture that supports IT speed and agility with standardized, repeatable, consistent automated processes. 

Automate IT processes by leveraging the native integration of VMware vRealize with VMware NSX. 


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