mail security
GCSIT Email Security

Email Filtering, Security and Business Continuity

GCSIT Email Security is a transparent network service designed to secure your email before it can damage your servers and workstations. It enforces your company policies and government compliance requirements and provides reporting, business continuity and even email access and collaboration when your Internet access or mail server is unavailable.

GCSIT Email Security is a security network that processes email and only delivers the email you want to read down to your server. Every incoming and outgoing message is scanned for dangerous content. The security policies we work with you to define are applied to it, along with any archiving or government compliance requirements. GCSIT Email Security is part of the fastest growing global security network worldwide!

Message Delivery
GCSIT Email Security operates as a distributed cloud-based service, with decentralized administration, policy enforcement and archive with business continuity. What that means is that our network, spanning 2400 servers and 40 data centers with over 100 Gbit of Internet bandwidth, has no single point of failure and can adapt to network outages, distributed denials of attack, mail floods and more.

Security Enforcement
Once your Email is received by GCSIT Mail Security, the policy server is contacted and asked what to do with the email. Should we scan it for viruses? If so, what do we do with infected messages? What about disinfected messages? With over a thousand possible settings and policy configurations established in advance including our best practices and customizations for your company, this is the core of our service.

Business Continuity and LiveArchive
One of the most critical components of an external mail security solution is its
reliability. You need something that will be far more reliable than your own mail
infrastructure so, if you ever experience an outage, you have that extra layer of mail redundancy. GCSIT Email Security meets and exceeds that requirement through our LiveArchive business continuity service. It is a complete standalone email system with your users, your corporate identity and your passwords, running on a highly reliable, geo-redundant webmail system.

Complete Endpoint Security
GCSIT Email Security is often paired with GCSIT's industry leading Managed Anti-Malware service and Patch Management services. We call this GCSIT's Managed Endpoint Security Service. This bundle of services offers a complete endpoint security solution so your team can stop fighting viruses and focus on valuable strategic business initiatives.