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Whatcom Community College is an accredited, comprehensive two-year college in Bellingham, WA. On its 72-acre campus and through on-line courses, Whatcom serves approximately 11,000 students annually. Ward Naf, IT Director, and Bill Zilinek, Desktop Manager, are responsible for the virtual desktop environment based on VMware Horizon (with View).

“We were experiencing 100 ms login times and spent almost a year troubleshooting,” lamented Mr. Naf, “all we seemed to get was finger pointing from each of our vendors. The only thing we all agreed on was that our infrastructure was overloaded.”

Completely Non-Disruptive and More Cost-Effective Upgrade

Mr. Zilinek considered many options including adding more servers, a $150k to $200k storage upgrade and Atlantis Computing. “All the options I considered were too expensive, and I wasn’t certain that even after a complex and time consuming upgrade our performance problems would be solved,” he remarked.

Eager for a solution addressing their performance concerns without disrupting the existing infrastructure based on Dell PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic storage, Messrs. Naf and Zilinek partnered with GCSIT to conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) with PernixData FVP™ software and Intel S3700 server-side SSDs. “It was incredibly easy,” recalled Mr. Zilinek, “PernixData support was very knowledgeable, not only with FVP, but also with our VMware and Dell infrastructure.”

Real Value and Lower Cost

The decoupled storage architecture enabled by the PernixData FVP software delivered immediate and measureable results. Remarked Mr. Naf, “We instantly saw the performance improvements. Latency went from 100 ms down to 12 ms.” Mr. Zilinek also noticed that not only had the latency been dramatically lowered, the same hardware environment could now support 30% more concurrent users.

“We were looking for a solution to our performance problems,” declared Mr. Naf, “Luckily GCSIT, our solution provider, knew about PernixData FVP software. PernixData was the most cost effective solution and gave us the most bang for the buck.” Added Mr. Zilinek, “If you’re dealing with performance issues, take a look at PernixData before you rip-and-replace your hardware. It can give your infrastructure new life.

”As a result Whatcom Community College decided to standardize on PernixData FVP software to optimize the performance of their virtualized Oracle and SAP deployments.