There's more to GCSIT Anti-Malware solution than meets the eye!icon malware
There is a cadre of tenacious and innovative cybercriminals coming up with new ways to steal our money, identity, and ideas. At GCSIT we are constantly improving our Defense in Depth strategy to ensure you are getting the best protection against all kinds of threats to your computers. Below is a summary of our anti-malware solution. Please keep an eye out for future Did You Know? articles to learn more about our ever evolving security strategies. 
First Line of Defense: It’s You! Be Aware and Be Careful
    • The first line of defense is a good offense, and it starts with you! Be aware and informed, the majority of threats require you to click on a link. 
    • Are you worried about an email or website, use our free threatCHECKER service, just send the details to threatchecker@gcsit.com and our team will investigate for you. 
    • We work hard to keep you informed. Keep an eye out for these weekly Did You Know? emails and our informational ThreatAlert emails.  
    • When you see a Labtech Tray request to reboot your computer please make time to answer yes. We are needing to apply important updates that help ensure you systems is protected. 

Second Line of Defense: GCSIT Threat Detection Suite powered by Webroot

  • Clients utilizing our anti-malware solution have the highly efficient Webroot anti-malware engine running on their computers and we are managing these through our central management console.   
  • The anti-malware engine actively scans files on your computer and takes immediate action, it quarantines most threats immediately, halting and reversing any changes made to your computers.
  • At the same time it reports the threats back to our secure Network Operations Center (NOC) so we can take action as necessary. 
Third Line of Defense: Secondary Anti-Virus Solution a "Flu-Shot"
  • No threat detection solution is perfect. When the primary anti-malware engine finds a potential threat we send that computer a flu-shot.  
  • The flu-shot is a GCSIT package of additional anti-malware engines and code that provide “second-opinions” as to the threat and quarantines questionable files.
  • Our crack team of anti-malware engineers receives a comprehensive flu-shot reports 
Fourth Line of Defense: GCSIT Highly Trained Anti-Malware Technicians are at the Ready
  • We take our commitment to our anti-malware clients seriously, We promise to ensure any threats to your computers are blocked or remediated as soon as possible, and we promise to continually add value through innovation. 
  • Our staff reviews every threat reported to us or encountered by our anti-malware solution and take appropriate actions. 
  • A technician verifies that every single threat we find has been fully remediated 
  • Our team is constantly improving on our strategy, tools, and techniques. 
 Fifth Line of Defense: Active Communication
  • Your GCSIT Client Advocacy Team, led by your Client Advocate (CA) and Technical Client Advocate (TCA) work regularly with your organization to keep them informed.
  • We send out regular ThreatAlert emails and educational information to help you be safe online
  • We are here to help, please feel free to email us at support@gcsit.com or call us at 877-213-4670 with your problems, questions, or concerns.  
  • We work closely with our supporting partners and the security community to ensure we are learning and improving. 
  • We listen to you and incorporate your feedback to improve our process
These are just a few ways that GCSIT is working against the growing community of cyvercriminals. Please keep your eye out for more Did You Know? emails where we will share more ways we are working to help keep your organization safe.